Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blusher in Iridescent Flash Review

Hi everyone,

One product that I have been so excited to try recently is the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting blusher, which I picked up at Sephora when I was in LA. I cannot tell you how long this blusher has been on my wish list but at £32 a pop the price tag has always put me off. So was it worth it I hear you ask?

Well, a bit about the product itself first…. This blusher is a combination of the Ambient Strobe Lighting powder with a blush shade running through it which Hourglass say will provide it with that ‘glow from within’ look.

There are four shades available and I chose the shade Iridescent Flash which is a lovely magenta shade blended with the Iridescent Strobe Light powder. I really love the colour itself which provides a lovely, natural flush to the cheeks but is buildable if you want a stronger look.

I have to say though, that from previous reviews I have read and from the description of the product, I was expecting this blusher to provide a lot more of a glow. I was a little confused and disappointed to find that actually it wasn’t as ‘glowing’ as I thought it was going to be and although it still does add more dimension than many blushers, I wasn't blown away by it. Even in my swatch photo I think it looks like it has quite a glow about it but it isn't quite the same when applied all over the cheeks somehow.

Another slight disappointment I had was with the formula, which is really quite powdery. This is a bit of a pet hate of mine as I really don’t like it when a product gets everywhere and sadly this is a bit of an issue with this blusher.

I don't think this photo shows fully how powdery the blusher is but hopefully it gives you an idea.
Overall, I do like this product but I don’t think I would rush to buy another which I know may be quite a controversial opinion! I'm sure there are people screaming at their screen wondering what I am talking about but for me this blusher just wasn't what I was expecting. I would like to try some other products from Hourglass as mostly I have heard nothing but good things about them – maybe I had just too high expectations with this one.

Have you tried any Hourglass products? What did you think of them?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


  1. That is such a beautiful blush but it's okay that you didn't go crazy over this each their own I say. Maybe you will like other products better from the brand. I love the shade and it's one that can be worn anytime of the year. I have my eyes on the Nude one but I need to give it a swatch first because I'm afraid it might be a tad bit to light for my skintone.

    Ann-Marie |

  2. Ah, what a pity it didn't provide the massive 'glow' you were hoping for! Really appreciating your honest opinion, as I've only ever read glowing (pun intended, haha) reviews on this product. Gorgeous looking product nonetheless to have on your vanity table ;) Have a fabulous week!!

  3. It's such a shame the product didn't give you the highlight you wanted as the packaging and appearance of the product is gorgeous.
    Thanks for providing your honest feedback Hannah.
    Jaz xoxo

  4. Hm, bummer that this didn't quite impress you as much as you thought it would! That's always such a letdown when a product doesn't come through 100%!

    I do think the color is pretty on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. I love how honest this review is Hannah! For that price you really would expect it to be impressive. It looks pretty in the palette though :) I recommend the Mirenesse blusher ( I can't remember what colour I have)- it's a highlighter-blush and its super pretty! I use it every day.

    Rachel xx

  6. I haven't tried this yet but I enjoy seeing honest reviews like this! If I'm going to spend £32 on something, I want to see whether it's worth it. I can see what you mean about it lacking a glow (I thought they were supposed to be very glowy too), and the powdery texture, which is not good at all for something that cost so much! x

    Velvet Blush

  7. Nooooo, I love the formula of Hourglass blusher but I got the LE trio. Maybe this shade doesn't suits you? What a shame, Hannah but that's the luck with makeup. Sometimes things just don't work out the same for us. It's like Make Up For Ever HD foundation and me, everyone love it but I couldn't hate it more. LOL!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  8. I was planning to buy Hourglass lighting blusher, but could not decide on the colour....thank you for your honest review.....

  9. Its a shame it disappointed you but thanks for an honest review Hannah, think I'll avoid it x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog

  10. wow, this blush looks amazing! I would love to try :)


  11. That look absolutely beautiful! Great post and review! :-)

  12. Hourglass always creates such stunning looking products, that's for sure, but like you I wasn't too much of a fan of their blush. The Ambient Strobe Highlighting Powder however is a great one to try out, I picked one up in Sephora in Rome, really impressed with it.

    It is a pretty blush colour on you though, perhaps try mixing it with another blush and see if it works? I often do that when some products aren't quite right.

    Laura xo

  13. Wow, what a gorgeous product! No, I have not used this but I have used only a couple of Hourglass products, my first one was the veil primer. Pity about the result for you, and I also don't fancy too powdery of formula. The colour is lovely overall.
    Take care, dear. x/Madison

  14. It's such a pretty color. Goes great with your skin tone. It was made for you!