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Benefit Do The Hoola and They're Real Big Sexy Lip Kit

Hi everyone,

For my birthday my lovely friends from work grouped together and bought me the Do The Hoola and They're Real Big Sexy Lip Kit gift sets from Benefit. I was so surprised and wasn't expecting anything at all but they know me too well and knew anything beauty related was always going to be a hit with me.

Left to Right: Dew The Hoola, Hoola Lipgloss, BeneBalm and Hoola Bronzer
The Do The Hoola set contains a mini Hoola, Dew The Hoola liquid bronzer, BeneBalm lip balm, mini They're Real mascara and the Hoola lip gloss. The Hoola bronzer has long been a favourite of mine and I also love the They're Real mascara but I haven't tried any of the other products in the set. I am especially looking forward to using Dew The Hoola as I have had my eye on it for so long so I will let you guys know how I get on with it.

Left to Right: Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved-Up Red and Lusty Rose

The lipsticks in the They're Real Big Sexy Lip Kit intrigued me as they are designed to be both a lip liner and lipstick in one. As you can see in the photo, they have a teardrop shape with the top section being the darker lip liner and the bottom is the lipstick. This is meant to help create fuller looking lips with one product and hopefully save you time and effort! There are four shades in the kit: Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved Up Red and Lusty Rose and all of them are ones that I would use. If I had to pick one I think I'd say Lusty Rose is my favourite as it is the one I would get the most wear out of and is the most 'every day' shade.

I love the formula of the lipsticks as they are really creamy and feel lovely and soft on your lips. Having dry lips means that I am not a fan of anything that can dry them out even more so I was pleased with how hydrating they felt. I do have to say however that I think the lip liner / lipstick thing is a bit of a gimmick. You can see a slight difference between the lip liner shade and the lipstick but I think in some shades, such as Revved-Up Red, the difference could do to have been a bit more. I know you don't want it to be too over the top giving you a throwback 90's feel, but as the formula for both sections is the same, I felt like they just blended into each other. I also found that the shape of the lipstick works well for your top lip but it was more awkward turning it round so the lip liner is in the right place when you're applying it to your bottom lip.

Overall, I love the shades of the lipsticks and the formula, however, the lip liner and lipstick combo didn't really work for me so I wouldn't by them if that was the main thing I was looking for.

Have you tried any of these products? I'd love to know what you thought of them if you have and also which Benefit products you would recommend.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


Favourite Products To Use For Valentine's Day

Hi everyone,

Valentine's Day is one that my boyfriend and I don't really celebrate due to it coming two weeks after my birthday and two weeks before his. Also with Christmas not that long ago it can become and expensive few months if we're not careful! Instead we usually make each other a card and do something nice that day, whether it's snuggling up at home for a cosy tea in or if we are pushing the boat out, we might head out for a meal somewhere. Whatever we get up to I still like to make a little effort with my makeup so I thought I would share a few of my favourite products that I will be using.

A red lip adds the perfect finish to any Valentine's Day makeup look and my favourites at the moment are the MaxFactor lipstick in Cherry Kiss and more recently I have loved using the Christmas Stocking Matte Lipgloss by Tanya Burr. I am telling you this lipgloss does not budge so it is perfect if you are eating out!

If red is not your thing, you might like Impassioned by MAC for an alternative lip look. This is not one for the faint hearted as it is a very bright pink shade but with a name like Impassioned I think it was made for this time of year!

Swatches left to right: MaxFactor Cherry Kiss, MAC Impassioned and Tanya Burr Christmas Stocking
To match a red lip I also love red nail polish. Devils Delight from Boots No.7 is just the perfect shade for me and is one that I reach for so often. I also love OPI in the shade Colour To Diner For if you fancy something darker and more of a deep red shade.

For me no makeup look is complete without a little shimmer or glow, especially when it's a special occasion. The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone is one of my all time favourites and has successfully managed to send all other highlighters to the back of my makeup drawer. I'm sure most of you have read the hype around it but if you are wondering whether or not it is worth the hefty £32 price tag then I can well and truly confirm that it is.

Finally, I won't be leaving the house without a spritz of the Chloe perfume which I got for Christmas. I just love, love, love this fragrance and find that it makes me feel extra special and put together whenever I wear it :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a lovely weekend. Will you be doing anything this Valentine's Day? 

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx


NOTD Marks and Spencer Baby Pink

Hi everyone,

Recently I have become addicted to Pinterest again and can easily spend a good hour or two on there, even after telling myself I'll just have a quick browse! One thing I particularly love looking at is nail art and different nail designs which inspired me to try something new.

I have acrylic nails and have done for years but always opted for either a square or oval look. This time I decided to have them a little more pointy, but not so pointy that I could do some damage with them! I know this may not be everyone's cup of tea but for me I really like the change and going for something different to my usual look.

Please excuse my dry hands and cuticles, they have been terrible recently!

When I was getting them done I took along this pink nail polish which I received in a set from Marks and Spencer for Christmas and asked the nail technician to paint my nails in it. I absolutely love the colour which is a really pretty pink / coral shade and I can see that I will wear it so much, especially in spring and summer. I also decided I wanted some glitter so the nail technician added this effect around the bottom of my nails. I have recreated this look myself at home and it's so easy to do. If you can use gel I have found it to be slightly easier but you can create the same look with polish. Simply dip the brush from a clear gel or polish into the glitter, dab it along the bottom of the nail and then brush it upwards to create an ombre effect ... easy!

I wish I was better at nail art myself but it's something I would like to practice in 2017. I just need to have a little more patience with it as I easily get frustrated when it doesn't look like I want it to!

Do you like using nail art to create different looks? Which are your favourite nail polishes?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx