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Nail Polish Collection Series - Gold and Silver Glitters

Hi everyone,

Today I am back with the next in my series of my nail polish collection posts and I'm moving on to glitters. Glitter nail polishes are some of my favourites (especially now I have discovered the Sephora Glitter Nail Polish Remover!) so I am splitting this section up according to colour, starting with the silvers and golds. 

Left: Tanya Burr in Glitters and Gold, Right: Tanya Burr in Glitter Rain
Left: Barry M in Gold Glitter, Right: Barry M in Diamond Glitter
Left: Avon Gold Flecked, Right: Avon Silver Plated
Left: Rimmel Queen of Bling, Right: Revlon Stunning
Left: Ciate Celestial, Right: Essie Sparkle on Top

For nail polish toppers I think my favourites are the two Tanya Burr polishes which I got in her advent calendar last year and are just so pretty. If I am after a full glitter look though, then the Barry M shade in Gold Glitter provides more coverage and just seems to last forever on the nails.

Do you like glitter nail polishes? Which are your favourites?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xx


Bath & Body Works Haul

Hi everyone,

Bath and Body Works is one of my favourite shops and I am so gutted that we don’t have it here in the UK. Whenever I do get the chance to go though I make sure I make the most of it and always stock up!

The last time I was there I picked up quite a few different body lotions as I am making a real effort at the moment to look after my skin and make sure that I apply a lotion or body butter each day. I spent ages trying to decide which fragrances to go for but in the end I picked up Rosé Champagne, Lavender and Sandalwood and Wildberry and Chamomile.

All three fragrances smell absolutely delicious but I think my favourite is Rosé Champagne which includes notes of sparkling clementine, bergamot, apple blossom, pink pepper and blonde woods. I liked this one so much that I ended up buying three bottles as well as the shower gel and body mist to go with it.

The texture and formula for the three lotions is the same and ingredients include shea butter, aloe and cocoa butter. They feel so lovely and smooth on the skin and sink in fairly quickly. I really don’t like any stickiness left when I have applied body lotions and this is one thing that has put off using them more often in the past.

The body mists are another product that I always like to stock up on and I love spritzing them after I have had a shower to add an extra feeling of freshness. Along with the Rosé Champagne scents, I also picked up the Lavender and Sandalwood fragrance and La Fleur. La Fleur is amazing and smells exactly like a fresh bouquet of flowers, so much so that if you smelt it with your eyes closed I’m sure you wouldn’t know the difference!

Finally, how could I go to Bath & Body works and not pick up some of the hand sanitisers and mini hand creams?? I also brought some of these back for some friends at work and they actually said that they were the best present anyone has ever brought them back from a holiday. They couldn’t get over how amazing they smelt so if you’re looking for holiday gifts then these are definitely a winner and not too expensive either.

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of my Bath & Body Works haul. I have tried not to go into too much detail as it would be a very long post but if you do have any other questions about the things which I bought then please let me know in the comments :)

Do you like the Bath & Body Works products? Which would you recommend?
Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx

PS. Thanks to this post by Hannah Hearts, I have now discovered ways to get Bath & Body Works products in the UK. Check it out here if you want to know more ….


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in Lovecraft and Mother

Hi everyone,

One of the products that I really wanted to get my hands on when I went to Sephora was the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. Having heard such good things about them I couldn’t wait to give them a try for myself, especially as I am new to Kat Von D products as a whole.

I spent ages looking at all the different shades and after my fiancée complaining at me for the 100th time, I eventually plumped for Lovecraft and later in the week went back for the shade Mother. With Lovecraft I was drawn to the cool toned mauve colouring and I knew I had nothing like it in my collection already. I am a girly girl at heart however, which is why the brighter pink shade Mother eventually made it into my basket. The colour is just so pretty and I knew it would be a lipstick that I would get a ton of wear from.

Top shade - Mother, Bottom shade - Lovecraft

I had high expectations for these lipsticks and with claims such as "life-proof lipstick that will not wear off" and "24-hour wear", they had a lot to live up to! The lipsticks themselves go on really nicely and dry to a matte finish. As with most liquid lipsticks, they do feel a little tight on the lips after a while but I didn’t find them to be overly drying to the point of not being able to wear them, which has happened many times before.

With regards to staying power, I did find that they last a long time without too much eating or drinking - around six hours. However, the last time I wore the shade Mother, I came home and was horrified to find that it had smudged around my mouth! Of course no one had bothered to tell me so I have no idea how long I had been walking around like that for. This is the only time that this has happened and I was eating and drinking a lot that day but for a lipstick that claims to be ‘life-proof’ I wouldn’t have expected this to happen. I guess with the formula being not that thick and not as as drying, you may have to compromise on the wear time. For me, I have rather it be this way round than my lips ending up looking like dried prunes by the end of the day so it wouldn't put me off purchasing more lipsticks in the range.

Have you tried the Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipsticks? What did you think of them? Were there any shades that you would recommend?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx